We ask you to bring your own mask and wear at arrival and during the ultrasound scan. The same goes for your partner. Your partner may accompany you to the following ultrasound scans: due date, anomaly or 20 week scan, blood loss, early vitality scan and the non medical scans. Unfortunately children are still not allowed.

Our ultrasound technicians are also wearing masks.

The following (still) applies:

  • Keep 1,5 m distance.
  • Be on time (not too early and not late) to prevent too many people are at one time in the waiting room.
  • Reschedule your appointment if: you have a cold, a soar throat, or a temperature of up to 38 degrees Celsius; consult us or your midwife in case of doubt.
  • If your partner has the above mentioned symptoms, he or she is not allowed in.